I am a mortgage loan consultant so I help famlies/individuals finance homes (up to 4 unit homes) that they want to buy or refinance as a primary residence or second home or investment property.

I feel that working with you on your mortgage is like making a relationship for life. Most homeowners do something with their mortgages every 5 to 7 years so I want to be your go to person. I want to be a reliable resource for as long as you own a home.

Mortgage lenders should be the first spoke in the home buying wheel. Most people interested in purchasing a home go to the Real Estate Agent first, thinking hey let’s go look at homes. But the very first thing they will do is say go talk to a lender so why not just start with the lender. Once you start looking at online property sites you’ll get calls from every Tom Dick and Harry Real Estate Agent  looking to sell you a home, but you have no idea what you qualify to buy or if you qualify to buy. Let’s figure that out first then start looking at homes. Calling a RE Agent before a lender is like putting the cart before the horse, you’re not going to get anywhere but you can sit in their cart if you’d like.

I can help you determine the amount of mortgage you personally qualify to buy or if any “issues” need to be resolved spotlight them and work for resolution before you get attached or under contract to purchase a home.

As a home buyer watch for, lenders that don’t know what sets a mortgage rate, for lenders that “max” out your qualification making you mortgage poor, for lenders that don’t listen to what you want, or don’t give you all the facts on your mortgage terms.